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Quizzes. [Aug. 8th, 2006|11:26 am]
Dark Kagome
[mood |happyhappy]

How you really say "I love you." by lenatheraven
...believe in true love?
Your hands sayWe fit together.
Your eyes sayYou're amazing.
Your hugs sayNothing I desire compares with you.
Your kisses sayYou mean the world to me.
Your body saysI want to wake up beside you.
Your heart saysJe t'aime.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Why they LOVE you by ThinkingOfYou83
Favorite Color
Best Personality TraitYour Trustworthy
Best Physical FeatureYour Eyes
All AroundYour The BEST
Your LOVE Pic Is
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates a7
your best quality isyou dont follow the crowd
your worst quality isha nothing! you rule!
this is becauseother people influenced you
Quiz created with MemeGen!

o.O So I don't follow the Crowd... because Other People influenced me? Well that doesn't make sense... but oh well, at least I Rule...

Whats your anime personality? by kagomelover2890
Eye color=Red
Time era=August 26, 8272
Normal income=$528,356,582,061
Hair Color=Purple
Normal attitude=Lonely
Animal soul=Rat
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Your Anime Personality & Such by meliki_
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
PersonalityNice, innocent, optomist
BirthdayMarch 22, 1900
Quiz created with MemeGen!

From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-08 09:17 pm (UTC)
you should really credit the makers of the icons you are using, otherwise it's considered stealing.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: dark_kagome_666
2006-08-09 09:58 pm (UTC)
I don't remember who made them, but I'll put a Note so that nobody thinks I did.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-10 03:23 am (UTC)
haro made the kagome icon you're using now.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: dark_kagome_666
2006-08-10 07:50 pm (UTC)
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-08-23 01:56 am (UTC)
Sorry but that's a mistake, it wasn't haro, it was abarero who made the "How bright you glow" icon. Just to let you know. ^^
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