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dark_kagome_666's Journal

Dark Kagome
31 October 1986
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I am Dark Kagome and this is my Livejournal... I am a Follower of the Left Hand Path, who believes the End of Days is upon us.... I believe Rumiko Takahashi is the Antichrist and that, through the story of Inuyasha and his Bride Kagome, has laid out the path for how the End of Days will come about... and I believe that as it is my responsiblity to end the world as Takahashi-dono has instructed and bring about the next Age of Darkness...

I share the philosophy of the otakin my brethern that the fictional characters are truly the emodiment of Ethereal Spirits... but I am not, however an otakin so do not call me one or I shall be upset with you and shall Cast the spells of the Darkness against you for your Impudence...

Many fans of Inuyasha do not realize what they are getting into and, honestly I find this distressing... Inuyasha is a beautiful series filled with beautiful imagery and plans for Domination of the people who dont follow the Traditional RIght Hand Path and our New Era... but so many do now realize this and it Upsets me greatly...

This is my journal for discussing my Life and my precious Theories so that the world will know what true Power is where It Lies...